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​Laurie, Owner & Repurposing Enthusiast

She considers herself the hunter-gatherer of the workshop and will stop at nothing to recover Atlanta's lost treasures. She considers her husband to be her number one inspiration, having watched him as a master craftsman over the course of their 35 years of marriage. Although she loves to design custom pieces of furniture, her true love is in restoring and refinishing. She's a wife, daughter, mom, and grandmommy. Her love of family is at the heart of everything she does and we hope you are able to see that love in each of her creations. 

David, Illumination Virtuoso

With over 35 years of experience in carpentry and operating a home renovation company, he has an eye for seeing beauty in what others might just see as a pile of rusty old tool parts and building materials.  There is a creative drive inside of him that has inspired him over the years to teach himself several trades including photography, birding and birdhouse building, and automobile engine repair. When he designed and built the workshop in 2004, he didn't imagine that he'd one day be using this space to build a family business with his wife to create beautiful lighting  with those old car parts and rusty lawn equipment. He is inspired by all things steel and industrial and you'll see this reflected in his unique illuminations. 

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Tel: 404-388-8558 or 678-873-5652


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